Why does OAT Baby Club NOT offer silicone products?


Silicones are a type of plastic polymer that is entirely synthetic and contains various chemical additives obtained from fossil fuels. This means that silicone is not a naturally occurring substance and it is not biodegradable.

The process of making silicones starts with extracting silicon from silica, which is a mineral that makes up a lot of the Earth's crust. Next, hydrocarbons are used to turn the silicon into siloxanes, which are then polymerized to make silicone. During polymerization, the individual siloxane molecules are linked together to create a long, chain-like structure. By adding different organic groups to the silicon atoms, the chain can be customized to make all sorts of different silicone products.



At OAT Baby Club, we believe that kids deserve a natural start that is free from toxins, plastic, silicone, and other petroleum-based substances. Our mission is to offer safe, earth-friendly, biodegradable products that are both beautifully designed and ethically made. We understand the importance of providing a better planet for future generations, which is why we choose to offer natural products such as bamboo products (biodegradable), vegan products (biodegradable), and natural rubber/hevea products (biodegradable), amongst others. 

We encourage you to skip the silicone and try our range of natural products that are both safe and planet-friendly.

We're always learning something new with the constant stream of research studies coming out. But, we strongly believe that if there's a natural option available, it's the way to go. We'd absolutely love to hear your thoughts and experiences when it comes to silicone products. Please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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