OAT Mama Chat: Dominique C.

OAT Mama Chat: Dominique C. - OAT Baby Club

We’re so excited to share another OAT Mama Eco-Chat! A series where moms in our community share eco-friendly tips they’ve implemented in their family life. Guiding children to make mindful choices based on environmental impact can be achieved in a number of ways, here are a few incredible sustainable tips:

Cape Town, WC

  • THOUGHTFUL BUYING: as a family, we have made a commitment to choose sustainable and natural products for our home and children. We chose glass bottles and natural rubber dummies for Jude. His toys are natural and dye-free where possible.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: we try to buy the best quality wherever we can. Often cheaper baby goodies need frequent replacing. Quality clothing and toys can be passed on and up-cycled. We kept our older children’s special toys and clothing pieces for Jude. It brings back sweet memories of when my older children were little. We also try to buy just what is needed as the baby stage is so fleeting. We bought Jude’s clothes a size bigger to last a little longer, luckily the oversized look is in.

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