OAT Mama Chat: Lehani

OAT Mama Chat: Lehani - OAT Baby Club

We’re so excited to share another OAT Mama Eco-Chat! A series where moms in our community share eco-friendly tips they’ve implemented in their family life. Guiding children to make mindful choices based on environmental impact can be achieved in a number of ways, here are a few incredible sustainable tips:

Cape Town, WC

Thrifting - looking, searching, and finding second-hand gems. Buying second-hand clothing is fun. With kids growing super fast it’s a good way to save the environment and some money.
Buying biodegradable wipes and cleaning agents. We are slowly replacing everything in our home from dishwashing liquid to tile cleaner etc with eco-friendly products. It's exciting to find new products that work for us! Some of them smell really nice!!

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