OAT Mama Chat: Mariska R.

OAT Mama Chat: Mariska R. - OAT Baby Club

We’re so excited to share another OAT Mama Eco-Chat! A series where moms in our community share eco-friendly tips they’ve implemented in their family life. Guiding children to make mindful choices based on environmental impact can be achieved in a number of ways, here are a few incredible sustainable tips:

Grahamstown, EC

It's important for me to do my bit where I can to make more eco-friendly choices and to live more sustainably. As we all know it's not always possible or easy but I do believe every effort counts when we look at the bigger picture.
In my efforts, I strive to be a role model for my child, as she is part of our precious planet's future.

My tips for living more eco-friendly and sustainable are the following:
  • Use material bags and say no to plastic bags! I always have material shopper bags at hand, whether in my car or in my handbag and l often encourage friends and family to do the same.
  • Making my own baby food by buying local fresh produce in season and processing it at home for later use.
  • Storing baby food in recycled glass jars that can be used over again.
  • Choosing toys that are not made of plastic. Supporting local toymakers.
  • Using Sopure washing detergent and laundry conditioner. It's gentle on the planet and it's amazing to get those stubborn stains out.

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