Why does OAT Baby Club NOT offer silicone products?

Why does OAT Baby Club NOT offer silicone products? - OAT Baby Club
Like any plastic polymer, silicones are synthetic and include a mix of chemical additives derived from fossil fuels ☢️ Silicone is man-made. The silicone-making process involves extracting silicon from silica and passing it through hydrocarbons. It’s then mixed with other chemicals to create silicone.

❗Silicone is *not* biodegradable.
And though silicone can be recycled, it needs to be sent to a specialized recycling company that is not easily accessible to the public.  

OAT believes that kids deserve a natural start free from toxins, plastic, silicone, and similar petroleum-based substances ♻️🌳💚We also believe that kids deserve a better planet!

❗Silicone *is* replaceable.
OAT’s mission is to exclusively offer earth-friendly, biodegradable products. Instead of silicone, you can opt for the following natural products available in OAT, all beautifully- designed and ethically-made:

🌿bamboo feeding sets (biodegradable)
🌿plant-based pacifiers (biodegradable) 
🌿natural rubber teethers, toys, and rattles (biodegradable)
🌿bamboo toothbrushes (biodegradable)

There is always more research to do, and more up-to-date research studies emerging, but ultimately we believe if there’s a natural option, why not choose it?

❓Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with silicone products! Let’s chat in the comments section...

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