SoftSoul - OAT Baby Club


SoftSoul is the first eco-friendly, animal-free (PETA-Certified), Canadian-made baby slipper to serve the modern family. Every slipper is created out of love - very detailed and thorough. SoftSoul slippers are handcrafted art made from luxury textiles and cork from an Oak tree.

The quality and suppleness of cork fabric products can be compared to that of leather goods. But, unlike leather, cork fabric is 100% natural and vegan, water repellent, stain-resistant and scratch-proof. Another advantage of cork fabric over leather is that it’s very low-maintenance.

This cork fabric has been treated with UV and abrasion protectants as well as scotch guard. Vegetable-based dyes and fair labor laws are used in making this cork. The bark of the cork oak tree is peeled, without harming the tree, every 9 years. This means it can be harvested again and again!

🌱 Slowly and fairly made in Canada
♀ Female-owned company in Canada