At OAT, we're dedicated to providing safe, ethical, and eco-friendly products that encourage kids to explore, create, and connect with nature.


We're thankful to have an amazing, engaged community of mothers who are the backbone of our organization. Passionate individuals on a journey to inspire future generations to care about people and planet.


OAT partners with a diverse network of inspiring entrepreneurs. We exclusively offer brands from ethical, female-founded companies that align with our values.

A Collection of Conscious Comfort.

Founded in 2021, OAT Baby Club was inspired by its founder's incredible friends who gave birth to gorgeous babies in an ecosystem that we are currently failing.

OAT is committed to offering environmentally friendly and ethical products that inspire children to explore, create, and connect with nature. Our aim is to provide a healthy and natural beginning that benefits both the kids and the planet. Our mission to care for the environment and live a natural life is supported by a community of mindful mothers who are the foundation of OAT. We believe that sharing our experiences and knowledge will teach the next generation the importance of these principles. We hope you will join us in our mission to encourage curiosity and artistic expression while being conscious of our impact on the environment.

OAT Baby Club is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and ships across North America.

Hey, I'm Portia!

"Everything you make returns to the Earth as either food or poison."

- Slow Factory