Vegan Koda - OAT Baby Club
Vegan Koda - OAT Baby Club
Vegan Koda - OAT Baby Club

Koda Vegan Slippers

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SoftSoul is the first eco-friendly, animal-free (PETA-Certified), Canadian-made baby slipper to serve the modern family.
Every slipper is created out of love - very detailed and thorough. SoftSoul slippers are handcrafted art made from luxury textiles and cork from an Oak tree.
Koda is baby bear paw faux fur slippers.
  • 3-6 months (soft sole, size 2)
  • 6-9 months (soft sole: size 3)
  • PETA approved
  • Vegetable-based dyes
  • UV and abrasion protectants
  • Water-resistant
  • Cork has natural anti-mildew/anti-bacterial qualities
  • Designed to regulate heat during climate conditions 
  • One of our most popular Newborn/ BabyShower Gift
  • Slowly and fairly made in Canada
  • Female-owned brand in Canada
These sizes are the average length of baby's feet. Your baby’s feet may be longer or shorter than average. If you are able, be sure to measure your baby’s feet before you choose the size. Measure the foot from the tip of the big toe to the end of the heel. If possible, do this while the child is standing, add about 3.17mm to that length for a bit of wiggle room

The quality and suppleness of cork fabric products can be compared to that of leather goods.

But, unlike leather, cork fabric is 100% natural and vegan, water repellent, stain-resistant and scratch-proof. Another advantage of cork fabric over leather is that it’s very low-maintenance. To keep your vegan cork shoes in good shape, all you need to do is clean them with water and light soap.
The cork used is eco-friendly, sustainable, animal friendly, and PETA approved. This cork fabric has been treated with UV and abrasion protectants as well as scotch guard. Vegetable-based dyes and fair labor laws are used in making this cork. The bark of the cork oak tree is peeled, without harming the tree, every 9 years. This means it can be harvested again and again! Lined with premium earth-friendly fleece with a soft eco-lux fabric backing to ensure no blisters or rubbing occurs during wear.

Vegan shoes can be made from plants such as mushrooms, bananas, or apples or from synthetic materials like polyurethane (PU), microfiber, or rubber. What makes shoes vegan is that they don’t contain any animal-derived materials—such as leather, suede, or wool. Vegan shoes aren’t made of animal skin (e.g., leather—which is a co-product of the meat and dairy industries), hair, fur, wool, or any other animal parts.